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Cookie Ordering Information

All orders placed Monday-Thursday will be baked fresh that Friday-Sunday. Orders are shipped the following Monday & Tuesday. Any orders placed over the weekend will be made the following week.

Our Story

Growing up I never had any part of me believe I would be good at baking. I’m usually the one to burn the cakes or overcook the pies, but I’m also the type of person that doesn’t quit when unsuccessful at something. Given the opportunity, I’ll keep trying until I get it right!

As I’ve gotten into the world of competitive natural body building I’m always looking for that ultimate sweet to curb my cravings at the end of a show. That hard-earned indulgence that melts in your mouth. None of that macro friendly or low carb bullshit, you feel me? That brought me here; I wanted to be the maker of my own craving!

Dough My God Cookies started organically out of some good old fashioned brainstorming between my husband and I. The idea is to bring that “OH MY GOD” reaction to your day.

We hope you enjoy our homemade handcrafted creations as much as we do!

- Melissa Lake
DoughMyGodCookies LLC, Owner