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How long will my cookies stay fresh once they arrive?
    Our cookies stay fresh for 5 to 7days after receiving your order. To save some for later, you can store your cookies in the freezer for up to 3 months. Use a food saver device or plastic wrap and a freezer bag when storing your cookies in the freezer.

    Where are you located?
      We’re a small home based business located in Sanford, FL. Our cookies truly are homemade!
      Do you offer local pickup?
      If you’re interested in local pick up please utilize the ‘Chat with us’ feature prior to ordering, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

      When will my order ship? 

      All orders placed Mondays-Thursdays will be baked fresh that Friday-Sunday. Orders are shipped the following Monday & Tuesday. Any orders placed over the weekend will be made the following week.

      Apparel & Accessories:
      Shipping for all apparel & accessories is generally between 7 - 13 business days. These shipping times are estimates, not guarantees. The estimates don’t include the time it takes to create your product.

      What happens if my order was damaged or lost during shipping?
      We make every effort to safely package your cookies. However, once the order is shipped, we have no control over USPS, weather related conditions (heat, rain, volcanos, etc), what happens to the package, or how they handle the package. Please contact your local post office to file a claim if your package is damaged or lost. We are a very small business and due to financial reasons we cannot take responsibility for what happens once your cookies have left our hands.
      Do you offer nut free, sugar free, dairy free, gluten free or vegan products
      No, at this time we are not able to offer any of these product types. We wish we could accommodate every type of request, however this one would be quite difficult given our sweet and savory menu. We work with ingredients that do have allergens, such as eggs, dairy products, wheat, nuts, etc.  If any of these pose a health risk to you, we recommend you do not order any of our baked goods.
      How can I contact you directly?
      E-mail: contact@doughmygodcookies.com 
      We do not accept returns, refunds or cancellations